Over 7.6 million animals enter a shelter in the USA every year. Over 2.7 million animals never make it out and are euthanized. It’s simple, one of the biggest ways you can save a life is by fostering. You not only save the life of the animal you foster, you open the door for another animal to exit the shelter and enter our rescue. In or order to continue our mission and save more animals, we need your help!

We are not a shelter with a physical location; we are a foster-based rescue which means we rely solely on our Foster Network to provide a safe and secure, loving environment for our dogs while we find their forever homes.

In short: We cannot save dogs without YOU and your temporary home. YOU are saving those lives.

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Foster FAQs

A foster arrangement is a temporary period during which you provide a rescue-dog with basic necessities such as a safe home, nourishment, and exercise while our organization finds them permanent placement in a loving forever home.
  • Provide your rescue dog with food, water, a loving home, physical exercise, and mental stimulation (e.g., playtime). And of course, provide some TLC.
  • Foster-Parents are responsible for bringing the rescue dog to veterinary appointments, and provide any required at-home medical care, such as administering medications (individual cases).
  • Conduct training with rescue dog with our guidance – from practicing basic commands to behavioral training, if necessary. In some cases, Foster-Parents will need to bring the dog in for training sessions with our partnered trainers.
Yes and no. Most of our Foster-Parents provide supplies for their foster dogs, and take advantage of writing off the purchases as tax-deductible donations. However, Rescue City is more than happy to step in and provide items such as a crate, food, training pads, toys, etc. to help during the foster period. Rescue City covers all medical care expenses incurred during fostering, including scheduled medical procedures as well as unexpected incidents and emergencies (given that the incident is not caused by a foster’s own conduct). Our organization also covers the costs of any formal training it deems necessary for behavioral rehabilitation. All you’d need to do is bring them in for appointments (your schedules and availability will be taken into consideration when scheduling).
We require rescues to spend a minimum period of time, usually 4 weeks, in a foster home before being assigned a forever home, even if the fosters will ultimately be adopting. This time is necessary to conduct full and thorough medical and behavioral assessments post decompression period, including running medical tests and learning more about a dog’s general temperament and specific characteristics.
The fostering process, while full of commitments, is also bursting with benefits not only for the rescue pet, but also for you. For the rescue, fostering provides an animal with a stable, low stress environment for optimal mental and physical rehabilitation, with more opportunities for exploration and socialization. For foster families, the experience provides a unique opportunity to learn about and be exposed to dogs of different breeds, sizes, temperaments, routines, etc. This is especially valuable if you are fostering in anticipation of adopting, as fostering will let you really see what breed or temperament really fit your lifestyle, and will lead you to making the best and most informed adoption decision in the end. Fostering does not guarantee adoption approval.
Our Foster-to-Adopt program is a great way to see if a specific furry friend is right for you before committing to adopt. It is a foster arrangement with a special priority period during which your application will be first in line for review*, should you choose to adopt. (*You must apply to adopt prior to us approving another candidate). As a foster-to-adopt candidate, you can make the decision to adopt at any time before the rescue-dog is assigned permanent placement, but cannot officially adopt before: 1) the required minimum foster period has passed, and 2) the dog is altered and fully vetted.

On behalf of the entire Rescue City Team, THANK YOU for your help and interest in fostering an animal in need. FOSTERING SAVES LIVES! If you have any question about applying don’t hesitate to contact us online!

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On behalf of the entire Rescue City Team, THANK YOU for your help and interest in supporting our pets in need!