Therapaw™ Program

Improving the lives of humans in the workplace while spreading awareness for rescue dogs.

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How Puppy Therapaw Helps

Boosts Morale

Reduce Stress

Increases Productivity

Helps Puppies Socialize

Build Rescue Awareness

What is Therapaw™?

  • Save the lives of dogs in need and provide exceptional education and support for their adopters.
  • Dogs in the workplace improve productivity, morale, and reduce stress.
  • Rescue City promotes awareness months in corporate companies.
  • Hosting a Puppy Therapaw event with Rescue City is a donation-based, tax-deductible opportunity.

Ready to host a Therapaw™ Event?

Rescue City Volunteers will be onsite with 6-10 dogs.
Events are 2 hours long.
There is a standard donation fee that is tax-deductible.

Got any questions?

1. Where do our dogs come from?

Most of our dogs come from overcrowded rural shelters in KY, NC, SC, and GA where they are at risk of euthanasia. We also save dogs from the NYC ACC, other local shelters and take in strays found by the public.

2. Would it be safe?

All Rescue City dogs are vetted in our care and receive age-appropriate vaccines. We do our best to ensure the dogs who will be in attendance are in the best of health and spirits. Rescue City safely transports dogs to/from the office and are always on hand to keep a watchful eye on the puppies!

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