Foster To Adopt

Foster-to-adopting is a great way to get to know the dog in your home before making the final commitment to adoption, and it can also be a pathway to adoption for first-time owners!

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What You Get From Foster-to-Adopt

Find Your Perfect Pet

You’ll have a chance to learn about a dog’s behavior and personality and determine if it’s a good fit for their lifestyle, home, and family.

Ownership Practice

Foster-to-adopt lets you practice dog ownership responsibilities and joys such as training, feeding, and care before making a long-term commitment.

Saving Lives

The satisfaction of saving a life by opening up space in a shelter or rescue for another dog in need.

FTA Applicants Requirements

  • All applicants must be at least 21 years old to adopt.
  • All applicants with roommates will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Applicants must love dogs, be willing and excited to train and grow with their new pup, and want to be a part of the Rescue City Family.

Our Foster-to-Adopt Process


Submit Application

Complete and submit a foster-to-adopt application and non-refundable $15 fee.

Application review

If you choose to adopt, great - we'll make it official! If not, you will continue to foster while we search for its forever home!


You have one full week with your foster dog before confirming if you'd like to seal the deal! You can always tell us your decision before the week is up, too.

Adopt Your New Pet

Once you're sure you want to move forward with adopting your foster dog, we'll send you the adoption agreement to make it official!

Disclaimer: The timeline provided is approximate and subject to change.

Got any questions?

1. How can I be approved to Foster-to-Adopt?

You must submit the Foster To Adopt application, and have completed and passed a foster home visit call and adoption interview.

2. Which dogs are available for the foster-to-adopt program?

Dogs available for fostering to adopt are sent to our Foster to Adopt newsletter before being posted online, dogs listed as available on our site are not eligible for the Foster to Adopt program.

3. Why can’t I foster-to-adopt a dog I see on your website?

If a dog is already in a loving foster home and listed as publicly available, we are hoping the dog’s next home would be a forever home! We do not move dogs around from one foster home to another.

4. What am I responsible for in the care of my foster dog?

You will sign the foster-to-adopt contract that includes our policies and fostering guidelines. Foster to Adopt applicants must purchase their own supplies (crate, food, collar etc.). You will be responsible for taking your foster dog to their veterinary exam with our partner vet. Routine appointments during the foster period are paid for by Rescue City.

5. Will I choose the dog I am fostering to adopt?

Yes, of course! You will be able to respond to our email to confirm the dog you would like to foster to adopt. If we feel the dog would not be a good match based on your interview notes we may not approve your first choice, but work with you to suggest the best fit for your family or lifestyle.

6. When can I finalize the adoption of my foster dog?

You have one full week with your foster dog before confirming if you’d like to seal the deal! You can always tell us beforehand too. Once you’re sure you want to move forward with adopting your foster dog, we’ll send you the adoption agreement to make it official!

7. What if the dog isn’t right for me?

That’s what the Foster to Adopt program is all about! We ask that you let us know as soon as possible if it isn’t the right fit and commit to continue fostering your dog until we find them a forever home!

8. Will I still be able to foster again?

Yes! If you don’t think a particular dog is the right fit for you, you can Foster to Adopt other dogs in the future until the right match comes along.

9. What are your foster to adopt policies?

We believe that every new adopter should have the opportunity to make a guilt-free decision on whether or not their family/lifestyles/schedules and capabilities are set for long-term dog ownership. Applicants without prior sole dog ownership experience are offered to foster three dogs of different ages/weights/sizes/energy levels to see which best fits their home. After fostering them, if approved for adoption, you would be matched with an incoming dog (your fourth foster) available for adoption.We suggest joining the program to prepare yourself for the lifelong commitment of adoption. Some foster to adopt members have the option of fostering to adopt their first foster dog, the rules will be clearly discussed during your Foster to Adopt interview.

10. I didn’t sign up for the Foster to Adopt program but I want to adopt my foster dog. Can I?

An approved foster application is not an approved adoption application. All foster dogs are publicly promoted on our website and social media. Should you become interested in adopting your foster dog, you may submit an application to be reviewed and in the running for adoption as long as an approved adopter has not already been confirmed.

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Training Resources

Find resources for training your rescue dog, including local trainers and tips for housebreaking and obedience.

Community Support

Connect with other rescue dog owners through local dog parts, meetups, and volunteer opportunities.

Health and Wellness

Access information on recommended veterinarians, pet insurance providers, and nutrition guides to keep your furry friend healthy.

Lifelong Support

Our Team is available for adopters, for the whole life of the dog and beyond! We are an engaged, active community and have ongoing relationships with adopters.

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Start a Trial Period Before Committing While Saving Lives!

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