How to Adopt

Find your fur-ever friend: An overview of adopting a dog from Rescue City.

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What You Get From Adoption

Save Lives

Adopting a pet is a responsible and ethical choice that reduces the number of animals in shelters and contributes to solving pet overpopulation.

Find Your Perfect Match

Discover your perfect furry friend among a diverse selection of breeds, sizes, and personalities that best match your preferences and lifestyle.

Bring Joy to Your Home

Gain a loyal companion who will bring joy and love to your home! Make a difference in the world and start your journey as an adopter today.

Adoption Requirements

  • All applicants must be at least 21 years old to adopt.
  • All applicants with roommates will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Applicants must love dogs, be willing and excited to train and grow with their new pup, and want to be a part of the Rescue City Family.

The adoption fees:

  • All dogs up to 1 year old: $600
  • All dogs over 1 year old: $500
  • Dogs 7 and older: $350

Adopters are responsible for purchasing the first six-month supply of preventatives for heartworm, fleas, and ticks and do need to provide their own supplies for the dog they are welcoming home.

Adoption Radius

All of the animals we rescue are fostered in the New York City area. We are excited to adopt out to the East Coast: NY NJ, PA, CT, MA, NH, DE, MD, DC, VT, and ME.

We do expand the radius for particular dogs on a case-by-case basis.

Our Adoption Process


Submit Application

Complete and submit an adoption application and non-refundable $15 Application Fee.

Reference Checks

The adoptions team will review your completed application. We will contact your references, landlord, and/or veterinarian (if any).

Time to Chat

Cleared applicants will be contacted for a phone interview, so you can get to know us and we can get to know you.

Adoption Time!

Review & sign the contract and welcome home your new family member!

Disclaimer: The timeline provided is approximate and subject to change.

Community Stories

New Adopter Resources

Training Resources

Find resources for training your rescue dog, including local trainers and tips for housebreaking and obedience.

Community Support

Connect with other rescue dog owners through local dog parts, meetups, and volunteer opportunities.

Health and Wellness

Access information on recommended veterinarians, pet insurance providers, and nutrition guides to keep your furry friend healthy.

Lifelong Support

Our Team is available for adopters, for the whole life of the dog and beyond! We are an engaged, active community and have ongoing relationships with adopters.

All Resources

Adopt a Furry Friend Today and Change a Life Forever

Find Your Perfect CompanionApply to Adopt

Looking For Other Options?


Make a difference in a dog’s life by providing temporary care and helping to free up space in shelters for more dogs in need.

Foster to Adopt

Consider fostering to adopt if you’re not ready to make a permanent commitment, allowing you to get to know a potential furry family member before making a final decision.