Zoey is a 6-8mo old Shiloh/German Shepherd who has not had much luck in this world yet. I was dropped off at the shelter as a stray, but the shelter and rescue city thinks it was done on purpose because I am so badly neglected and malnourished. Because I am so small and weigh under 50lbs for my age and breed, my skin developed a skin-yeast which made most of my gorgeous long fur fall out. However, the doctors are confident that with proper treatment and I will be… full of fur in no time !!!! I am a typical Shepherd temperament pup; eager to please, smart, quick learning and pretty active. Soon after my arrival to RC I was rushed to the vet and placed in ICU with 105 fever and was diagnosed with aggressive bronchopneumonia. I was put on IV with fluids and antibiotics and has to be hospitalized for treatment. I’ve already been diagnosed with fungal skin infection and have been on treatment for that. Like its been told, I have not had much luck in this world.

I’m happy I’ve found my forever family!