Trix and Honeycomb

BREED: Chihuahua Mix
STATUS: Available
SEX: Female
AGE: 6-7 Years Old

Happy #SeniorSunday x2 from our dynamic duo HONEYCOMB & TRIX 👵👵 — 10 year old Chihuahua Mixes Honeycomb and 6 Year Old Trix⁣ have been waiting for their forever families so patiently…since SEPTEMBER! They’ve really enjoyed being together with the @furry , and we’d love nothing more than for them to find a calm and cuddly forever home together. These pint sized beauties have endless amounts of snuggles and love to give, and will become your lifelong companions through their golden years (just scroll through these mushy photos to see what sessions on your couch can look like☝️) . Back in September Honeycomb and Trix were rescued as part of our #RCCerealPups Hoarding Case rescue, from horrid living conditions. While they were both very sheltered, easily spooked, and mostly kept to themselves, the constant cuddles, gentle manners and support from other dogs in their foster home has helped them blossom into much more confident dogs little by little. They now excitedly greet their humans and strangers at the door, enjoy chowing down on a bully stick, sinking into the couch or burrowing their head on a human’s lap. They love to go on walks and play with their furry siblings. They can still be a bit shy but bond to their person quickly. ⁣⁣
They are a special pair and we would love to find them a home together. Please share Trix and Honeycomb with anyone you know who is a big Chihuahua lover, or is around a lot to absorb all of their snuggles! Apply to adopt these angels at! ❤️

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