Titan is a 10 week old Chocolate Lab mix pup who is part of our #RCGreekGods litter rescued from the city of Ponce in Puerto Rico along with his three siblings.

According to Titan’s foster dad – Titan might be the most ideal little puppy!

Titan is quiet in the home and has instinctively used the wee wee pad to do his business since day one! He spends time and energy playing with his toys or humans but then loves to crawl up into his bed when it’s bed time (taking his toys with him). Titan loves attention, cuddles and falling asleep on a human’s lap. He warms up to anyone who shows him love so quickly, and is quick to wrap his distinctive little white paw around you. Titan would be the perfect addition to any family, if you are considering making this little stud part of your home submit an adoption application!

I’m happy I found my forever family!