ID: 2653
BREED: Shepherd Mix
STATUS: Available
SEX: Female
AGE: 2.5 Years Old on 9/6/18
BIO:  Stormi is a 2.5yo Shepherd Mix rescued from the Orangeburg Shelter in South Carolina, after being hit by a car and her hip was completely out of socket.

Stormi needed us more than ever… she was in immense pain and needed emergency surgery. Luckily we partnered with Paws for Claws Clinic, where Michael Sauer DVM immediately sprung to action and performed an FHO surgery.

While we did not have the funds for her surgery, we could not let her suffer in such pain. Please help Stormi by donating towards her care at the link below and becoming a part of her life … part of her survival …part of her happy ending!

Stormi has great prognosis and should fully recover with physical therapy/ rehabilitation.

As of right now, Stormi has not allowed any canines near her – but we will reevaluate that once she feels better.

More on personality and characteristics to follow once Stormi is transported to NY.

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