ID: 2502
BREED: Pekingese
SEX: Female
AGE: 4 Years Old
BIO: Yet another “I bought my puppy and realized its too much work, I don’t want it anymore” … Sofi here is a purebred Pekingese puppy that was dropped off at a church with a note that she’s no longer wanted. The finder brought her to us after checking for microchip, hanging up flyers and making a post with Lost and Found Pets in Brooklyn, New York and a nearby vet clinic in an effort to make sure that the pup is not being looked for somewhere else. Well its been about a week that we’ve had Sofi and no one has been looking for her. She is a tiny little girl at a respectable 7lbs; who’s been groomed from her overly matted grey-dirty coat to reveal this gorgeous colored fluff. Sofi has never been potty trained and is learning it in her foster home. Extremely friendly and cuddly, Sofi chooses to sleep on the cold floor instead of a warm comfy bed we provided her with … we wonder why?! She loves being outside and greets everyone with a smile! she’s super quiet in the house and gets along very well with children and animals.

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