On October 6th we were made aware of a senior dog that was being given away via Facebook due to a legal dispute the owner was facing. They were going to surrender him to ACC, until we offered our help, and thankfully we intervened just in time.

Please Welcome SENIOR SCOOTER!

Scooter was seen by our vets and confirmed to be 11 years old. Overall his blood work is good, he just needs a dental and neuter which he will receive under our care. We are not too certain of what his life was like before – as his previous owner had only owned him since 2015, but we do believe he was genuinely cared for and loved since that time.
In any case, Scooter is one joyful and chill little fella! His past is now behind him, and he is ready to turn over a new leaf with his forever family.

Scooter is a Lhaso Apso mix, about 18 pounds, social, friendly, housebroken and always so happy to be around people. He warms up to anyone who gives him attention very quickly, he has been following his foster around the house since day one and enjoys just lounging by her side. He loves to play with his foster brother, a Pomeranian, and gets SO excited when it’s time for his walk.

Scooter loves belly rubs and is a cuddler. What more can you ask for in a dog? This guy would be perfect in any household and is a pretty low maintenance dog!

I’m happy I found my forever family!