BREED: Terrier Mix
STATUS: Available
SEX: Male
AGE: 3 Months Old

Did someone order a Sausage pizza? Oh wait never mind, it’s Sausage the puppy! One of the pizza pups!

Sausage is the cutest sausage you will ever lay eyes on and boy is he a snack. For a sausage he is such a ham for attention, snuggles, and play time.

Sausage is a 3 month old terrier mix who will be a medium/large dog full grown. His litter seems to have collie and some terrier in them which means he will he an active guy ready to learn. He would benefit from a home ready to start training and boundaries on day one and there is no better time then right now then to watch some videos and become a master dog trainer with your new little guy!

Sausage is a typical puppy right now. He will play play play and in the next moment be passed out. He is a comedy show in a puppy and will provide hours of entertainment (which is great with how slow WiFi has become these days).

If you are ready for the long term commitment of a puppy and want a pizza and chill buddy, apply for Sausage!

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