Broken hearts is all we can say … this is the pup was dumped on a Bronx Highway, in a shopping cart along with garbage… LITERALLY. His skin and fur is burned off … what type of animal could have done this Humans are supposed to instill trust, protection and LOVE into an animal … NOT WOUNDS !!!!

Meet Rocky, he certainly has big shoes to fill with that name, but we think it will fit him perfectly ! Rocky has more injuries than those wounds, unfortunately he also has some neurological symptoms which we have no yet been able to identify. Sheepshead Bay Veterinary Group is working diligently on getting this baby back on his feet. He is estimated to be approximately 6 yo, Chihuahua/Mini Pincher Mix, SUPER sweet and very friendly (no cats to test on, but did great with dogs). He’s definitely frightened and will take some time to open up.

November Update: Rocky has blossomed into an amazing pet! He is fostered with a Cat and a Dog and they are the best of friends. His foster parents cannot say enough amazing things about him, he’s a fast learner and is a huge cuddle-bug, not a very big fan of being carried around though… he’s a man’s man!
His wounds are healing though we are not sure if he will fully regrow his hair everywhere, but he’s certainly starting to grow in some new patches!!!

He is scheduled for neuter next week and will be ready for his new home!! Rocky is a true Superhero!

I’m happy I found my forever family!

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