Princess is a love-able 3 year old Havapoo/ Lhasopoo. We received a painful urgent plea to save a dog chained outside in the rain … but this was no rescue we’d ever expected…

A man fell on very hard times after losing his job,  followed by his home. He was fortunate enough to find a roof over his head, however that same roof housed a dog-aggressive dog, which meant that his dog was forced to be chained outside in all weather. He tried so hard to keep the dog and find different housing but all attempts failed…he finally made a selfless decision to surrender the dog to us. It was by far the most bittersweet surrender ever, we could not hold back our tears as the man cried saying goodbye to his little princess, we promised him that she will live a life one can dream of.

Princess is super sweet and friendly. But, oh so so matted, dirty and frozen. She was immediately rushed to our friends at Bark Slope Salon for grooming.  Her personality shined and she left everyone’s heart melted.  Princess is calm and happy, friendly with cats, dogs and kids.

I’m happy I found my forever family!  

Hoarding Case Rescue

We can’t begin to put into words the horror of animal hoarding and what it does to it’s victims. We need YOUR HELP to help them with their transformation and provide these dogs with the medical care they’ve neglected to receive their entire lives.

We are happy to step in to change the lives and fate of these dogs, and are pleased to have the opportunity to show them that kindness and compassion exists.

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