BREED: Terrier Mix
STATUS: Available
SEX: Male
AGE: 3 Months Old

Pepperoni, one of the favorites of the pizza toppings and also one of the cutest of our pizza puppies! 

Pepperoni is not just the cutest snack on the planet, he is also super playful and ready to provide hours of entertainment. He is a 3 month old terrier mix who will be medium/large in size full grown. He is an energetic boy who will thrive with training and boundaries and there is no better time to get sucked into training webinars and online classes while teaching a pup to use puzzle toys and how to catch than now!

If you are ready for the long term commitment of a puppy and want to bring pure joy into your life (and a pizza buddy), apply for Pepperoni! 

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Last month we saved LEVI, a stray GSD found unable to walk; his symptoms appeared similar to vestibular disease. We rushed LEVI to Sheepshead Bay Veterinary Group for a proper diagnosis – where he tested positive for heartworm. Next was AMC, after several specialty consults, extensive neurological testing, X-Rays, an echocardiogram, MRI and spinal tap – we got the heartbreaking news

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