Pearl is a gorgeous 2-3 year old purebred cane corso who found herself behind the shelter bars. We read her story and just knew we couldn’t leave her in there… she was shutting down. Shutting down from being overbred for her puppies which were sold for almost $5,000 each; shutting down from the stressed/barking/loud dogs surrounding her; shutting down from the possibility of never making it out alive. Pearl is a timid, calm natured sweet girl who simply needed a chance but was losing all hope. Pearl was brought to the shelter by authorities; upon the owner being contacted by the shelter to reclaim the dog, it was stated “Keep the B*tch, she has no more use” because she would be spayed upon release and the owner would not be able to continue breeding and selling her puppies. She was just a money making machine.

I’m happy I’ve found my forever family!