Nicky Hilton

BREED:  Hound Mix
STATUS: Available
SEX: Female
AGE: 5 year old
Rescued from a hoarding case in KY, Nicky first arrived petrified of human touch and was too freaked to go outside. With some patience and extra treats from her foster family she’s transforming into a happy, curious and confident dog!

Her foster mom says “She’s been making really good progress. She’s consistently using the bathroom outside, and gets excited to go out for walks — she loves being outside now! Once she sees us putting our dog on the leash she’ll come right out and wag. We’ve been going a longer walks this morning, and she’s getting more confident outside. She’s been approaching us a lot more at a distance. Seems she’s always curious what we’re up to. She’s also been sleeping in her crate during the night. She flinches at some loud noises, but overall confident, and improving on leash walking!”


Nicky is a 5 year old, 40 pound Hound mix who can’t wait to thrive in her forever home!

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