Welcome 10 weeks and 10 pounds of tricolor cuteness, MR. INCREDIBLE himself 🐶.

His foster parents say he was a little shy and scared on his first day settling in, but the next morning he realised that everything was fine and he jumped up in bed to give them kisses! He just needed some time, and now he’s a completely different dog! He is all smiles and his tail is wagging constantly! He now loves belly rubs and kisses, and he has a LOT of kisses to give. He is a little thief, so if you’re missing something just take a look in his crate, we found 8 socks there today 😂 he will also steal his siblings toys and put them in the crate for later. He is a little goofball, and it’s impossible not to fall in love with him. He’s also working on showing off his fetch skills 🎾. Ready to bring this chihuahua mix boy into your life?

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I’m happy I found my forever family!