Meet MISHKA 🐻 a 60 pound, 7 Month Old #GreatPyrenees PUPPY! True to his breed, he’s got the sweetest demeanor and undeniable charm. Inside the home Mishka is a very calm, gentle and loyal dog. He’s currently fostered with other dogs that he gets along great with, but has no problem being laidback and keeping in a corner to himself. He’s very independent, yet affectionate and will nudge at you for attention and some kisses 🥰. Outside, he’s still learning to walk well on a leash and take in the hustle and bustle of NYC. He came from a Kentucky shelter where he was taken from an owner who always kept him kenneled outside. Need this gentle giant in your life? Mishka is looking for a forever home he can devote all his loyalty to. He will be a perfect cuddle buddy for those cold winter nights. Mishka can grow as big as 120 pounds! He’s great with people, children, other dogs, and probably wouldn’t mind cats either. Apply to adopt at!

I’m happy I found my forever family!

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