Miranda Bailey

BREED: Hound Mix
SEX: Female
AGE: DOB 2/15/20
Meet the Grey’s Anatomy Litter! These scrumptious pups were born to mama Meredith Gray on February 15th! The same day she arrived from a Southern shelter. 

The puppies and mama are thriving in their foster home where theyre leaning to eat and play like real dogs! We’ve got three girls – Izzie Stevens, Cristina Yang, and Miranda Bailey, and fives boys – McDreamy, McSteamy, George O’Malley, Alex Karev and Richard Webber! 

Their mama is a golden hound mix who is only about 40 pounds full grown, and we are still learning what the pups can possibly be mixed with. Once they are closer to 8 weeks old they will be ready to go into their forever homes and will be an amazing addition to any home ready to raise a pup. Apply to be pre-appoved to adopt one of these babies below   

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