We always talk about these “puppy mill dogs” that we see in the media, being removed from those mills … but dealing with one is a whole different story. Millie is mini Beagle mix, she is around 4 years old and believed to be a puppy mill pup who has given birth to several litters; she likely escaped her confinement and landed herself in an animal trap set up by the Animal Control of North Carolina. Millie is petrified of a human touch and lowers her whole body once a human approaches. She shows no signs of aggression (except she is highly unhappy around cats); and is fostered with a dog. With some TLC she will learn what tender love from a human is like. Millie will be evaluated by our vet once she settles in a bit and as soon as she feels more comfortable around people she will be available for adoption.

I’m happy I found my forever family!