#NothingBreaksLikeA💔, and ours definitely broke when we saw the sadness in this little gal’s eyes who was dumped at the shelter.

Miley Cyrus came to NYC in search of a better life. Coming in like a #WreckingBall, she arrived in her foster home on Saturday February 2nd. Miley is a 2.5 month old shepherd mix puppy who loves people and other dogs and has really loved bonding with her foster buddy and foster parents. We can’t wait for her to learn what life is like inside of a warm and cozy home!

They say #NobodysPerfect but if you’re looking for the perfect cuddling companion for cold days, Miley’s definitely your girl. We estimate she will be absolutely gorgeous as she grows bigger, and will be about 50 pounds as an adult.

I’m happy I found my forever home!