It’s always mindboggling how someone can own an animals for many years and then surrender them. But its especially painful when the dogs are seniors.

Mickey and Minnie’s stories could not be further from a Disney fairytale. Clearly neglected and likely abused for most of their 10 years of life, in the end someone tied them and left at the mercy of a Shelter; covered in matts and feces. Our dynamic duo continued suffering behind the bold metal bars of a shelter cage, without hope for a home. We couldn’t turn a blind eye and didn’t shy away from them like others did.

Both are currently being treated for eye infections due to being completely matted and shut, both are currently wheezing and are on antibiotics for kennel cough, both have extreme dental disease and are being scheduled for dentals, Mickey has a mild heart murmur and Minnie is missing several teeth thus her tongue hangs out in the most silliest way possible! Pups are being groomed today to remove all the terrible matting … BUT … outside of that, they are amazing creatures who light up the room when they see the Rescue Staff, both are potty trained, they are happy and give lots of kisses. THEY DID NOT LOSE FAITH IN HUMANS…. LETS HELP THEM FIND A FAMILY THAT WILL PROVE TO THEM WE’RE NOT ALL BAD!!!

We’re happy we found our forever family! 


Last month we saved LEVI, a stray GSD found unable to walk; his symptoms appeared similar to vestibular disease. We rushed LEVI to Sheepshead Bay Veterinary Group for a proper diagnosis – where he tested positive for heartworm. Next was AMC, after several specialty consults, extensive neurological testing, X-Rays, an echocardiogram, MRI and spinal tap – we got the heartbreaking news

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