Mayya has come a LONG LONG way since we rescued her last May. Almost a year in the program and LOTS of treatment and hospitalizations… Mayya is a purebred French bulldog who celebrated her 1st birthday with us on August 6.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Finally the viruses she previously had are leaving her system and she’s become fully potty trained. Her current papillomas are the last of her treatment and we are determined to help with her that. Mayya is NOT contagious to anyone, and is currently in a foster home that’s is fully devoted to her but she’s more than ready to find a permanent home.


She is goofy, playful and immensely sweet. She loves affection from people and loves children. She loves playing at the dog park. She is currently fostered with an English Bulldog and young children.

Her IDEAL FAMILY would have both, a doggy sibling and small/young human siblings . She really thrives in this environment and we think she deserves it permanently.


As of early November Mayya has been in an amazing foster home with another dog and kids, while making great improvements under the care of Dr. Clarke at VERG South.

Mayya still tests positive for all three viruses she had presented initially. Dr. Clarke has a new strict treatment plan for Mayya that includes a new diet and medication, she is hopeful that with time and the right course of action our little champ will work these viruses out of her system! Her bowel movements have made a significant improvement and with the help of her foster Mom she’s even gotten potty training down!

Mayya is now ready for her forever home. She’s a very happy girl, loves children, walks in the park, playing and cuddling.


We were contacted by a follower of our rescue who said someone they know is leaving the country and could not take their 1 year old French Bulldog with them. We were informed that there was nothing wrong with her and that she is sweet healthy puppy.

We met this joyful beauty and named her Mayya, in honor of a very important volunteer and supporter of our rescue. Once we got her in our possession it was very obvious that what we were told about her was an utter lie. Mayya is only 9 months old. By her legs alone, it is evident that she had been kept crated for extensive periods of time. Mayya’s stomach is also too weak to hold down any food and she is experiencing constant diarrhea. While we are not sure what factor is causing this we are looking into all possible options, it is also clear that this was completely overlooked by her previous owners and could just be a diet issue. We cannot begin to express our fury and disgust, and cannot believe someone could have kept such a sweet soul for so long without getting her the proper care and help she needs.

Mayya was rushed to see Dr. Sheynberg at Sheepshead Bay Veterinary Group, what we thought was just “nervous diarrhea due to a change in environment” turned into an extreme case of dehydration. Through LOTS of testing and medical boarding, we were able to learn that Mayya has Giardia, Coronavirus and Circovirus – all of which are causing diarrhea at the same time. Mayya will remain with our vet until she becomes more stable and is able to be  transferred  to a house-environment.

Welcome to Rescue City Mayya, we will do everything we can to make the rest of your life beautiful.

I’m happy I found my forever family!

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