Mason is a 1yo Dachshund Mix with the coolest ears EVER! Mason is friendly with calmer dogs (and isn’t very comfortable with hyper dogs), although we do not have cats to test with, Mason is so nonchalant and calm in his behavior, we think he’d do fine in a home with cats as well. He does GREAT with children and is currently fostered in a home with 5 kids! Although not completely potty trained, but making great strides, Mason will surely make the best pet anyone can wish for. Mason is a special catch …super laid back and mellow, he just loves to cuddle and sleep with his humans. He’s friendly with all , but if he had to live with a dog…he’d like a mellow sibling as well. Playful loveable adorable and who can withstand those ears! !!!

I’m happy I’ve found my forever family!