BREED: Terrier Mix
STATUS: Available
SEX: Female
AGE: 3 Years Old

BOOP 👆 BOOP 👆 — MADDIE is a high spirited girl with loads of puppy energy who’s looking to make your family complete! Could you be the one she’s longing for?

Maddie is about 3 Years Old, 45 Pounds and has the cutest smile 😊. Maddie will sit nicely for a treat, loves learning commands with her foster mom and has already mastered excellent recall skills. Inside the house she is a doll who loves to snuggle, cuddle up to you on couch and loves meeting new people.

Maddie will thrive in a suburban home, outside of a busy city environment. She still very much acts like a happy, wiggly pup with a lot of energy. She is leash reactive and appears not dog friendly at first, but just gets easily focused on others and wants to play. With proper training, structure and continuous work she has been improving and will continue to do so in the right environment!

Treats + lots of praise are the key to her heart ♥️ and Maddie just longs to be the center of someone’s worlds and get all the attention she deserves. She loves hiking with her foster family, and would love an active home to match.

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