Lulu was found on February 8th, tied to a pole in Staten Island. She was taken to the vet where she was estimated to be just 3 years old. Since she first entered our care she had a lot of trust issues with strangers and other dogs, but especially this last month has absolutely blossomed as the only dog in her foster home. Her foster mom says “She’s such a great companion especially during this crazy time! Our morning routine consists of snuggles and kisses on my bed. She’s always so excited for walks and would even pull the leash with her mouth to lead me to the park. At home, she follows me to where she could see me and would sit by me when I work or relax. She does get overstimulated with noises and people through the window and would bark so she needs a quieter/chiller home. Lulu doesn’t get a long with other dogs or humans outside of her home but is very willing to hang with people at home after she gets to know them. When people are standing over her, she feels intimidated so sitting on the floor, chilling with her and giving her treats is the way to her heart. Lulu is food motivated but sometimes can get greedy and possessive of her food so we’ve been doing a lot of command training. Her ideal owner needs to be patient and willing to work with her. She really is so sweet but is still getting used to being LOVED, with the help of prozac she’s doing much better! Her favorite things include: chicken, sweet potatoes, tug of war, belly rubs and standing on people’s chest! Lulu is looking for a calm, experienced and quiet forever home where she can thrive. She would do amazing in an adult only, no dog or cat home that will just allow her some time to decompress, gain trust and show her how much love she’s able to receive! Lulu is a 3 Year Old Bichon/Poodle mix who’s just waiting for happy ending. Could you be her perfect fit? Apply to adopt her at!

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