Lola n-k-a Fufa

Lola is a baby, at just 8 months old, purebred English Bulldog, Rescued from Pennsylvania. We were contacted to save this poor soul when her owner decided to up and move to another state and leave Lola in a locked apartment; leaving us only a few hours prior to his departure to arrange a rescue from NY in PA. Incredible people, Jen and Rob, got out of their bed middle of the night and drove an hour to save this baby after seeing our social media plea for help. Lola is named in honor of Jen & Rob, who renamed her the second they saw her pretty face. Lola was recently purchased for almost $2000, but that didn’t stop the owner from neglecting and abandoning her. Alik and his friend Sonya wasted no time in transporting her to Brooklyn into our care. And our Emerhency Foster, Naomi jumped to the task the second she heard about Lola. THANK YOU, Jen Rob Alik and Sonya & Naomi …you’re all angels !!!!

I’m happy I’ve found my forever family!