landon adoption photo

This is a beautiful double rescue story :
Landon came to our program as an owner surrender after being adopted from the kill shelter. His owner didn’t account for proper integration of her own dog and a new rescue, thus the pups did not get along and both were growing agitated and were on their worst behavior. Being a Foster-based organization, space is very limited and we can’t always take on surrender cases, but luckily for Landon we ran into a situation with Finn…

Finn is a 4.5 yo Golden Retriever whos story was brought to the attention of an RC Co-Founder. Finn’s Family grew worrisome and terrified of his behavior resulting from his sever separation anxiety; countless vet visits, training sessions and home remedies…nothing helped poor Finn stay calm when his humans would leave him alone. Finn has caused himself bodily harm on several occasions, leading to many emergency vet visits. Destroying the home and hurting himself in the process. His family saw no other option but to find him a different home where someone is always home.

We offered his owners one last option, and that’s to get Finn a buddy! Certainly not all anxiety is solved in this manner, but in many cases a second dog will keep your anxiety ridden pup company in the time of need and also bring about a play or relaxation, and reassurance that life is not over when your humans go to work!

For the first time in 4 years, the owners were able to leave the house and come back to an intact home and unharmed happy dogs!
Cody has taught Finn many things, as well as SWIMMING!


I’m happy I’ve found my forever family!


Hoarding Case Rescue

We can’t begin to put into words the horror of animal hoarding and what it does to it’s victims. We need YOUR HELP to help them with their transformation and provide these dogs with the medical care they’ve neglected to receive their entire lives.

We are happy to step in to change the lives and fate of these dogs, and are pleased to have the opportunity to show them that kindness and compassion exists.

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