Most have walked into our lives … Laila has wobbled right in and stole the entire teams heart … Laila is a 6-7 yo purebred adorable pekingese pup whose phenomenal personality shines right through.

Unfortunately life hasn’t been too sweet for sweet Laila. First she suffered an injury sending lots of pain into her back, which later caused her hind legs to deteriorate. She was also troubled by stones in her bladder resulting in more pain and discomfort. Then her family did the unthinkable…they brought her into a shelter and requested to have her killed.

We couldn’t  let that happen! We’re happy to report that Laila has had back surgery to take the pressure off of the injured disc, and hopefully with therapy Laila may even be able to start walking!!! She’s also had all of the stones removed and seems to be feeling much better.

Even though she doesn’t walk well, she only goes potty outside and is crate trained.  Laila gets along with dogs, cats and will be great with kids. She LOVES attention and has no problem telling you “hey, can you pet me right here?” while flipping over and giving you belly.

I’m happy I’ve found my forever family!