BREED:  German Shepherd
STATUS: Available
SEX: Male
AGE: 6 Years Old
What do you do when your person is gone? When the only life and routine you’ve ever known has changed?

We aren’t often able to deal with owner surrenders but we couldn’t standby knowing Knox’s past, and that he was about to end up in a kill shelter. For the past 6 years Knox’s life hasn’t been easy. We can’t share many details about his past, but we are here to change his future.

His entire life, Knox was thought of as a dog-aggressive dog because the GSD breed was misunderstood and his owner was unable to provide the training and socialization required. Knox could barely believe it himself when we met him, and allowed him to not only get close, but romp around and socialize with one of our female alumni’s Lexi. Poor dog kept checking in with us like Is this okay? Can I really get close? It was the FIRST TIME he’s ever really been allowed near a dog – and he did a fantastic job! They played together fabulously. We do not feel safe to test him with a male, as Knox was not only never vetted but also not neutered. From this moment on, Knox will have everything he deserves. Six years down the drain but at least six more years of quality TLC, training, work and socialization. Knox will benefit from a relationship with a female large breed dog and an experienced handler who knows how to handle interactions and work a German Shepherd Dog. Knox will be fully vetted and neutered in our care. He is ready to meet the forever family that will give him the world.

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