Our hearts are breaking for this poor soul who’s been searching for her “Forever Family” only to be given up time after time. We took this owner surrender with a very sad story because we believe everyone deserves a chance. Especially someone as special as Juicy!

Juicy was brought into a local A.C.C. Shelter years ago, where she was adopted by an elderly woman as a companion. Unfortunately the woman fell I’ll and has been medically incapacitated for months now and will not be returning home. The family has contacted us to help place Juicy in WORTHY HANDS that will give her the forever family and life she deserves. Juicy is between 6-8yrs old, she has a BEAUTIFUL personality and is very affectionate (we have NOT tested her with dogs or cats yet, but are told she did well previously with dogs). Juicy is happy and energetic, loves going for walks but is also a great cuddle-bug and is calm in the house. She will be fully vetted, microchipped and has already been spayed.

6/3/17 Update: ADOPTABLE JUICY was seen by Dr. Bernstein at @sheepsheadbayveterinary today. Lets just say… Juicy does not like going to the vet!! 😭 Possibly because they didn’t deliver such great news. Juicy REALLY needs a dental surgery and they also found a small firm mammary gland tumor 💔 The plan is to have the dental cleaning and the tumor removal done at the same time ASAP.

I’m happy I found my forever family!