At 16 years old we doubt that Jordan lived his life expecting to find himself behind the cold metal bars of a kill shelter instead of a home.

Once we saw him, we couldn’t bare to leave this poor dog at the shelter. He was listed as a 10 year old poodle mix, and all we could see was a frightened little guy under lots and lots of matted, grown out fur. We lined up a foster, got him out and took him to the vet immediately. This is when we learned that Jordan was in fact, 16 years old! Jordan has cataracts and it’s hard for him to see but his foster has been cleaning his eyes with a natural remedy and it has been working like magic. He’s senile and has cognitive dysfunction which makes him restless – resulting in pacing back and forth. A course of medication has also been administered to help with skin infections and anemia. He’s missing most of his teeth, but has the funniest HUGE 2 bottom canines! It is very obvious that his health was neglected at the hands of someone who just chose not to do right by their dog.

Jordan has perked up in his temporary foster home and has been feeling and doing better! He’s good with dogs and likely wont care for cats at all. He’s now regularly doing his potty-business outside, sleeping on schedule and isn’t as restless as he was. He’s a very easy going little guy, and loves to enjoy the backyard or a spoon of peanut butter. We would love nothing more than to make Jordan as comfortable as possible for as long as he has and place him in a loving FOSPICE home with the right family.

As a fospice you will be able to provide a loving home and warm bed for Jordan, while we continue to cover any vetting and medical costs he may need.

Please consider sharing Jordan’s story, in the hopes of finding that compassionate human who will help make the rest of his short life beautiful. If you are able to open your heart and home to Jordan please click below to apply for adoption. You can also contribute to his vet care via our donation page, or via Venmo, please consider making a donation in any amount to help us save more senior/terminally ill dogs just like Jordan.

Update: 6/24/2019

We had to say goodbye to our Jordan today.
Thank you to Lisa and Elsa Morro for taking the absolute best care of Jordan for the last 10 months.

In August of 2018 we pulled Jordan from the @nyacc, listed as a 10 year old Poodle Mix. We quickly learned he was closer to 16, was mostly blind do to cataracts, senile and had cognitive dysfunction. As time went on Jordan got progressively worse, walking into objects, having constant seizures and getting very feisty without warning. Despite his quirks his fospice parents adored him and gave him so much love, care and extra attention.

Recently he got a very bad cough which we learned was lung cancer. He had masses all over his chest, one pushing on his heart and another on his trachea. The vet said that from here on out it would only be more miserable for him, so we had to make the painful decision to let him go. No matter what his life was like before, he spent the last 10 months knowing he was loved. It takes a special kind of person to foster, but an even more special one to open their heart to a fospice dog. Thank you Lisa and Elsa.

I’m happy I found my forever family!