Paris Hilton

BREED: Shepherd/Lab Mix
Weight: 40 Pounds
STATUS: Available
SEX: Female
AGE: 5 Years Old

Through no fault of her own, Paris has endured a tough life. While we’ll never know how she ended up as one of the #RCHoardingCaseRescue dogs found living outside in deplorable conditions, we know that all that’s in her past now, and we’ll do our best to find her the perfect home. This Paris Hilton is ready to go FROM RAGS TO RICHES, and while she’s definitely got the looks part down to a T, she’s still working on her confidence boost and could surely use some advice from ⁣the real @parishilton.⁣

Paris looks like a Lab/Shepherd Mix and is about 40 pounds big and 5 Years Old. She is now with a loving foster mom, and it is the first time she has been part of a real home. Coming from her situation she has had very little or no human contact in the past. Paris is still quite skittish, and is working on her housebreaking & leash skills. While she’s getting used to city life, a visit to her foster families home with other dogs and a big yard to explore helped her break a little more out of her shell. She likes attention and having people in the room with her, but backs away when they get too close. She finds a lot of comfort in her crate and is still taking time, and baby steps to fully decompress.⁣

Dogs like Paris are resilient. While it may take some extra time til they get to the point where you can have them playing at the dog park, or willingly come to you for snuggles and cuddles – watching them transform in front of your eyes thanks to your helping and healing is truly heartwarming. Paris is so ready to find a patient, gentle and loving family who will continue to help her gain confidence & trust. Paris will thrive in a forever home in the suburbs where she can have a yard. She would also love learning the ropes from other confident dogs who will help her break out of her shell. Interested in being Paris’ forever home?

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