Jazzi is 1/1.5 year old Tibetan Terrier Mix and is a COMPLETE ANGEL OF A DOG. She’s got a very calm loving personality and gets along well with absolutely EVERYONE. Jazzi loves to be pet and cuddled. Funny enough, she is not a fan of stairs, so when her Foster Mom goes to bed, Jazzi opts out for the couch and sleeps away peacefully on her own. She lived with 4 other dogs and due to tenant/landlord problems all were surrendered to different shelters.

Our beautiful girl Jazzi, was rescued from another state and the shelter insisted that she was a yorkie mix … when she arrived , all bones, she was well over 35lbs…. yorkie mix was not even a possibility. Her sweetest demeanor made everyone melt at the site of her. Super friendly and calm, Jazzi concurred everyone’s hearts. We knew this pup was extra special and she was destined for greatness!

I’m happy I’ve found my forever family!


Hoarding Case Rescue

We can’t begin to put into words the horror of animal hoarding and what it does to it’s victims. We need YOUR HELP to help them with their transformation and provide these dogs with the medical care they’ve neglected to receive their entire lives.

We are happy to step in to change the lives and fate of these dogs, and are pleased to have the opportunity to show them that kindness and compassion exists.

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