BREED: Terrier Mix
STATUS: Adopted
SEX: Male
AGE: Born on 11/5/20

Brooklyn, we go hard! Welcome the Brooklyn litter to Rescue City. On 11/5/20 this litter of 6 boys were born to their mama who was found as a stray and, brought into a shelter. Within days we got her to a loving and safe foster home in New York City. Brooklyn’s babies are all learning to eat on their own, and are growing like weeds! Mama Brooklyn herself is 35 pounds big. As they get closer to 8 weeks old, they’re almost ready to find a forever home of their own. The beginning of a puppy’s life in their forever home is the most important stage for bonding, brain development, and training! If you’re ready to welcome home and raise a young puppy, apply below

I’m happy I found my forever family!