We promise you will fall in love with GRANDMA NOODLE KUGEL LASAGNA 🍝😍🍴. Say hello to this Carbie Barbie, as she says goodbye to these foods once and for all.

This 8 year old Beagle Mix is 60 POUNDS and needs a healthy diet, ASAP. Grandma Noodle is a laid-back, good-natured, senior gal who has been a quiet, happy companion to have in her foster home.

Grandma Noodle needs a home that will spoil her with extra love and cuddles, but hold back on the treats to help her trim some MUCH NEEDED weight. After a visit to our vet, she’s now on prescription w/d food to help her get her Summer 2021 body, metabolize fat and maintain lean muscle 💪.

Senior dogs make awesome pets. They are often overlooked, but honestly, are the absolute best companions. Grandma Noodle Kugel Lasagna checks all the boxes for the perfect family dog (and the perfect name 😋). She has the deep love and playfulness of a puppy combined with the nice manners and good behavior of an adult. She’s still a little nervous in her foster home but is warming up quickly.

Grandma’s foster mom says:

Ready to meet the sweetest senior? If you’re looking for a dog that is wonderful and loving to every puppy, dog, cat, baby, toddler, child & adult… well look no further! She walks SO easy on the leash and is polite and quiet in her crate… although she can be trusted out of her crate! She is a total mushy snuggle bug and will comfort you with her little doe eyes and soft kisses. Her jiggley butt will wiggle side to side when you walk through the door or when she spots a cute puppy (same)! She isn’t phased by our cat, loud noises, cars or her new healthy diet! She is so easy to love and is looking for her special person/family to snuggle up to on the couch this winter… is that you?

I’m happy I found my forever family!