STATUS: Available
SEX: Male
AGE: 6 Years Old

In case you need a reminder that Finn is the absolute best boy, this 6 Year Old German Shepherd Dog is still waiting for a forever family of his own. Finn is EXCELLENT with children, dogs and cats, and is the best of friends with his young foster brother. Aside from his chronic condition of perianal fistulas, which is very common in the GSD breed, Finn is a velcro, loving, easy, gentle and affectionate dog. His medical needs are managed with a little extra care, medicine, and a proper diet. This big handsome guy is nothing but pure love with every person or dog that he interacts with. He enjoys playing tug of war and fetch in the yard, or will love nothing more than to cuddle up next to you on the couch. ⁣⁣
Finn needs someone with a little bit of extra love and patience in their heart to take on his pre existing condition. He is ready for a committed forever home that will upkeep with his routine and diet. He’d be an excellent addition to any home including one with children and/or other animals. Though it may not always be easy brining in a dog like Finn, the love he has to give in return is worth it ten fold ❤️🤗🐕. ⁣⁣

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