BIO: Just like their litter name suggests, this litter of 4 puppies are charming, royal and absolutely PRECIOUS! Their mama is a medium sized shepherd/hound mix who was dumped while pregnant – one of partner shelters took her in and was able to find a temporary foster home for her to give birth in. Out came 12 healthy puppies – all very different from one another but equally cute. Most dogs were placed right away, and we were able to help 4 of the puppies once they were done nursing so they didn’t end up back in a shelter.

Welcome Duchess Meghan! This princess is getting lots of TLC in her foster home, learning commands, potty and crate training. She is fostered with a small breed dog and a pitty mix sister and is doing great with both! The royal puppies were born on 11/11/19 and made their way here on 1/19 at 10 weeks old and about 8 pounds! They are ready to find loving homes that will continue to keep them excersized and socialized. They will make wonder family pets and are great with children and other dogs or cats.

I’m happy I found my forever family!