Doc Shepherd

BREED: German Shepherd Dog
STATUS: Available
SEX: Male
AGE: 8 Months Old

If you need extra cuddles right now, Doc is the one for you. He is so ready to pour all of his affection into his forever family! Any chance for a good snuggle session he can get, he takes.

Doc is a young pup who is about 75 pounds big. Doc loves other dogs. He’s in a very loving foster home who is working with him on building his confidence in a new environment. Stairs have especially been a skill he’s trying to master – but he’s a typical pup who is eager to learn, eager to please, and he will be running up and down them like a champ in no time! 

Doc loves other dogs and is extremely affectionate and friendly. Apply to adopt him below

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Last month we saved LEVI, a stray GSD found unable to walk; his symptoms appeared similar to vestibular disease. We rushed LEVI to Sheepshead Bay Veterinary Group for a proper diagnosis – where he tested positive for heartworm. Next was AMC, after several specialty consults, extensive neurological testing, X-Rays, an echocardiogram, MRI and spinal tap – we got the heartbreaking news

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