Oh come on with that little glance! Say hello to adoptable DASH ⭐

This #RCIncredibles litter pup Dash loves to be the center of attention, and gets so excited to get some love from humans. He gets super happy when his handlers come back home or let him out of his crate! He loves belly rubs and he is the MASTER of giving kisses, it actually never stops! He loves to play with his litter mates, and he is practicing his fetch skills.

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I’m happy I found my forever family!

Rescue City Emergency Relief

This pandemic has led to a great deal of uncertainty for us all. Many are surprised to learn that COVID-19 affects animals as well– shelters have already seen a huge uptick in owner-surrendered pets. We have even had a puppy surrendered to us after only TWO WEEKS (read more below). We are continuing to do our best and help the dogs that need us the most in this uncertain time, but that also means we need YOU.

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