BREED: Shepherd/Collie
STATUS: Available
SEX: Male
AGE: 3 Months Old
Dallas is a stunner Who is ready to bring immense joy to his forever home.

Need hours of entertainment and want to spend time training and bonding with an incredible pup, apply for Dallas! 

Dallas is a 3 month old shepherd/collie mix puppy. He is still learning how to “dog” so she needs a home who can teach her basic puppy training so he can grow up to be the gorgeous, loyal, and generally amazing dog he is meant to be. so

Collies and shepherds are amazing dogs but do require consistency, boundaries, and lots of fun brain games  (like puzzle toys) along with training. He is a mix of awesome and smart breeds and will be an amazing companion to grow with. If you feel ready to have your life changed for the better, apply for Dallas today!

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