My name is Cora; I am a 1.5-2yo Female Cane Corso. I was rescued from a kill shelter and cannot wait to meet my forever family. The team says I really deserve one because I’m so special. I’m very smart and know many commands, despite my ugly past. I perform all the given tasks the second I hear them. I have really big paws but am not such a big girl myself, even though I do currently weigh 85lbs and am extremely malnourished (you can see in that picture). I am very playful, but settle down on command, I want to live a happy life and be a puppy who’s loved and obsessed over, just the way Rescue City loves me. I need a bit of reassurance and to learn to trust humans again; I cant tell them exactly what happened to me, but they notice that because of everything I’ve been through, every time someone raises their arms next to me, I flinch or drop to the floor in submission. I am an extremely good girl, but I would do best in a home as an only pet.

I’m happy I found my forever family!