BREED:  Blonde Terrier Mix
STATUS: Available
SEX: Male
AGE: 10 Months Old
Comet came to us from the shelter as a very shy and skittish little guy. At about 10 months old and 20 pounds, he’s still a baby. Comet, much like his celestial namesake, attracts the attention of everyone who sees him with his scruffy face and inquisitive eyes! His adoption didn’t work out and he’s left looking for a home to call his own again.

Comet is still getting used to all of the attention he gets and is still adjusting to life in the big city. If you put in the structure and training time to make him feel comfortable with you, expect to be bombarded with love and affection in the form of snuggles and lots of kisses!

Comet is searching for a calm and patient forever home with a wealth of dog training experience. Although he is small and cute, he likely never had any structure before joining our rescue and very possibly lived outside. Comet has a dominant nature and pushes boundaries, like a typical terrier, and is still a puppy with Energizer Bunny energy. Comet is looking for an experienced home. He will need a very savvy adopter who feels comfortable setting and maintaining strict boundaries inside the home and on walks.

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