Coco Chanel

BREED: Yorkie
STATUS: Available
SEX: Female
AGE: 4 Year Old

Meet Coco!
Coco is the sweetest little dog you will meet. She is 4 years old, 12lbs and has had a rocky start to her life but has so much love in her despite it all. Coco loves to Netflix and chill (in a literal way) more than any human friend which is the perfect quality in a bestie. Imagine coming home each day to a little happy dance and a dedicated buddy who lets you pick what you want to watch on tv and won’t talk through it.

While Coco is fairly low key inside, she is always ready to go on a walk and an adventure. She loves being with her human no matter where it takes her. She currently is still figuring out going potty on leash but knows what pee pads are for inside. She is also still working on crate training but does stop crying after a little bit. She just needs a good routine, stability, and love and she will gain confidence and get better with being left alone.

While Coco loves her people, she prefers being the center of attention. She is fine with low key dogs who enjoy independence and likely cats as well but needs slow intros and personal space while getting to know new pups. She likes a personal bubble with other pets but doesn’t actively start anything. She just prefers humans.

Coco also has some skin allergies which is super manageable. She is currently on a special shampoo and allergy safe dog food while her hair grows back. Eventually with a proper diet and care, her hair will grow back and stay back. Just like with humans, allergies are very manageable. She also has some dry eye and get eye drops. All of her medical quirks are incredibly manageable and worth it for a dog so ready to love and be loved. I mean how could you not fall in love with that face?!

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