Cassie is a 6 year old purebred Pug, a puppy-mill mom who spent the first few years of her life as a puppy-making machine. Her left K9s have been filed – likely by the wire of the crate she chewed while being at the mill. She also has a silly head-tilt that is permanent due to an untreated ear infection. She had previously been saved from the puppy mill in a large operation and adopted on an impulse.

Her owner surrendered her to us and Cassie joined the Rescue City family. She was immediately taken to Sheepshead Bay Veterinary Group for history of hematuria, loss of weight and to treat her paw pads as her nails were curled right into her little paws. Our Vets diagnosed her with a bit of luxating patellas (which is common for small breed pups) but not to the need of surgical extent.

While we are awaiting results on all her tests she is in a devoted foster home with Deirdre and Andie. Despite her past, Cassie is undeniably an adorable silly gal with an unwounded spirit. She deserves the best and we are determined to give her the life she’s never had. Please keep your paws crossed for little Cassie!

I’m happy I found my forever family!