Little Cashew came into our care on December 17th, she was dumped on the streets with his other two siblings in SC.

Cashew is a Chow Chow/Lab/Mix, Shes got an adorable little face and looks more labby than her two siblings. This litter of puppies came into our care with a case of mange that we started treating right away, it’s a skin infection that’s already almost fully healed! They are only 6 weeks old and super tiny, but they’ve got their whole life ahead of them and are sure to grow into wonderful pups that anyone would be lucky to call their own. They are currently almost done with the treatment for their skin and are ready to find families of their own. These puppies will grow into happy, healthy medium sized dogs. They are socialized pups and would be great in a home with other animals and children.

Cashew will be fully vaccinated and spayed prior to finalization of adoption.

I’m happy I found my forever family!


Amara is a 6 year old German Shepherd Dog who was adopted from a Texas shelter and then returned, 3 months later, in near death condition. Amara is extremely emaciated, scarred and bruised with open sores on her legs and paws, she cowers in fear often, and has a mutilated toe on her right paw.

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