18. Bruno n.k.a Brooklyn

I am a 5mo old Poodle Mix. I was being sold on Craiglist for $500 by my owner. Thank God Rescue City saved me …I heard them telling my former owners how dangerous it is to be sold online. My former owners were a sweet, very young couple who loved me and they didn’t want me in danger, so they surrendered me to the Team Members so that they can find me a home. My story is cliché but it must be heard…my parents really wanted a puppy, so they bought me, but they didn’t tell the rest of the family that I’m coming …and apparently they did not want me. I was being listed as a 5 mo old Maltipoo but I’m a pretty big boy, so possibly a Standard Poodle Mix because I’m a medium size dog.

I’m happy I’ve found my forever family!