Tears filled our eyes as we walked by this little guys cage. He spent 15 years of his life in what was supposed to be a loving home (15 YEARS!), but then without a second thought they gave him up and put him in a shelter just because he’s old now. He also had a sibling… that died in the shelter as soon as they were surrendered. Mortified that this may his fate as well… we hurried to get him out!

Benji was nervous in the shelter and wouldn’t make eye contact, but you can tell he’s just stressed out and scared; he hasn’t eaten in days. He allows all handling, to be picked up and be pet, and is good with other dogs and cats. He would have no issues with children with any age, but we do want him to be surrounded only by gentle souls due to his respectable age.

He deserves to spend the rest of his life in a warm and caring home. We know there’s someone out there who can open up their heart and make the last couple years of Benji’s life his best.

Hoarding Case Rescue

We can’t begin to put into words the horror of animal hoarding and what it does to it’s victims. We need YOUR HELP to help them with their transformation and provide these dogs with the medical care they’ve neglected to receive their entire lives.

We are happy to step in to change the lives and fate of these dogs, and are pleased to have the opportunity to show them that kindness and compassion exists.

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