Axe is a beautiful purebred GSD. He was surrendered at only 13 months old and was purchased as a 3 month old puppy.

His former owners neglected to give him the attention and exercise he needs. Axe was kept locked away in the kitchen of a tiny apartment where he lived with other small dogs and young kids. His only walk would be down the block to do his business, and he’d come back into the home to be gated away in the kitchen again. This caused him to develop anxiety and stress and as a result he goes in circles going after his own tail.

A family member stepped in to take him out of this situation and contacted us for help. We had the pleasure of getting to know Axe and he is an absolutely stunning puppy with a beautiful kind spirit. Axe gets so excited around people. For a treat he’ll listen and wait patiently, he loves kisses and affection and you can tell he just wants a human that will show him the love he deserves.

He will be the perfect dog when he finds a leader who is able to devote the time to work/exercise him and get his energy out to make the tail chasing a thing of his past. He is crate trained and house trained.

UPDATE 9/25/17: Axe is now 20 months old and is very obedient. His only downfall is that he is an extremely prey driven dog and will never be able to co-exist in a home with other animals. Blair, an amazing Foster, for Rescue City took Axe under her wing and did EVERYTHING humanly and inhumanly possible to get this boy up-to-speed in our society so that he can function on a daily basis. Axe has GRADUATED several board and train programs at the Pro Canine Center under the incredible training of Andres Aportela, who has really turned this boy’s life around. Axe completed a Basic Obedience Training Program, Neutralization and Socialization, as well an Off Leash Recall Program. Axe is a brilliant dog but he MUST be adopted by an extremely experienced handler who will uphold his training and understand his needs for the future, as well as have NO ANIMALS in the home. Please DO NOT apply if you have not had experience with similar dogs or if you have ANY animals, AXE HAS A VERY HIGH PREY DRIVE. He is great with humans. Andres, at Pro Canine Center WILL provide lessons to the new adopters to TEACH THEM the capabilities of this dog. Discounts will be available for continuous training and other programs for those interested. Andres, as well as Rescue City together with Blair, Axe’s Foster mom, are very invested in his betterment and proper placement. We look forward to reviewing your applications and placing this pup into his forever home where he can flourish.

I’m happy I found my forever family!

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