Atlas sized

Hi I’m Atlas, I am the definition of goofy! I lived my life with people who bought me, they had 5 cats, which I did not like …so they made a decision to give me up. Who knew that if it wasn’t for Rescue City Team, their decision to bring me to a shelter could have ended my life ! MY LIFE !!!! I am only 1yo, I love to please and learn new things, I’m very trainable, I know several commands, I love to play with balls. I am too big and am too pushy with animals, thus I’d like to be the only pet. Oh did I mention. I am HUGE, I am very tall when I stand up on my back legs and weigh 88lbs. I’m energetic and curious but do well on a leash and am perfect inside the house 🙂 I am crate trained.

I’m happy I’ve found my forever family!